Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mystery Door

John Krill: Mystery DoorThe door is from somewhere in the Middle-east. The building was once a Post Office and a Synagogue. I believe it's one of the oldest buildings in Laguna Beach. It's located on Broadway at.

It's now a private art gallery. The owner is also a mystery.

The problem is nothing in front of the door and the front wall of the building fits in with the building itself. The building, front door, and lamp are old antiques and the railing and porch are very modern. The two styles clash. I mean really clash.

So why am I posting a failed photo? 1. I like the door and lamp. 2. The shadow of the tree adds drama. 3. It's a cool old building.

Solution: I'm probably going to do another photo only in the vertical. It will include only the door. I probably will have to exclude the lamp. The dark shadow of the tree is a must. How I'm going to do all this and keep that really ugly railing out of the photo is the challenge.

PS: I don't use Photoshop so Content Aware Fill isn't on the menu.

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