Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Was Ignored And I Didn't Like It

John Krill: Smoking SectionYesterday's post was about photographer's right to photograph as they please in public. This morning I had to go to LAX here in Los Angeles. For some unexplained reason the traffic was moving right along on the 405 and what usually takes an hour-and-half on a week day only took one hour today. That gave me plenty of time to roam the Tom Bradly International terminal and photograph whatever.

There were police and security everywhere and not one even asked me what was the purpose of the photography. In short I was totally ignored. Ignored. I don't know if I was happy or upset. I mean they ignored me. You just don't do that to me.

Wait I did get asked if I was Paparazzi by a Homeland Security officer. Can you believe it? Me Paparazzi. He explained that some Hollywood star was on the way and he just wanted to know who it was. To top it off he was, probably still is, a nice guy.

Can't believe it. Me a snopper.

The world turned upside down.

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