Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It Takes Discipline To Use A Fixed Focal Length Lens

John Krill: Enjoy!
The zoom lens was set at 25mm. Close enough to my favorite 24mm.
Since the late 80s camera makers have been been using zoom lenses as the kit lens on their SLRs. In recent times it is the 18mm to 55mm on most ASP sensor DSLRs. They're OK. For me it's overkill. When I go out with my DSLR the first setting I adjust is the focal length. Since I'm using a Nikon D5100 I set the focal length to 24mm. 24mm is about equal to a 35mm lens on FX sensor cameras. In short I used a 35mm lens for my standard lens for decades. So setting my DSLR lens to 24mm is, for me, going back to my best photography memories.

If you want to know all the philosophical reasons for using a fixed focal length lens then examine this posting at DPReview. Pay close attention to number 3.

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