Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh Shoot!

I'm walking Main Beach and I start to cross over Laguna Creek. Not a big problem since it's current width is 18 inches. There is one stone in the middle of the creek. An idea comes to me. Why not photograph the water going around the stone with the slowest shutter speed possible without blurring the stone.

I change the ISO from 400 to 100, and using Speed priority set the shutter speed to 50th of a second.

I turn back to the stone and get one photo off just before a large wave, well for Laguna Beach it's large, crashes and gets the lower 3 feet of the photographer wet. Camera's OK. I'm OK. Pants are wet.

Determined to get something I take one more photo. It's OK. Just lost interest.

What really steamed me was the Starbucks coffee being taken out to sea by the same wave that got the pants. It did come back after a time. Still full of latte and sea water.

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