Thursday, April 26, 2012

How I Use Twitter

John Krill: Pelican FollowersI've had a Twitter account for some time now but when I originally signed up I couldn't figure out what good it was.

Then I had an idea. And it seems to be working. The idea is this. I have three of my own blogs plus another for a computer club. The easiest way to broadcast that I have a new post in any of these blogs is by Twitter. Twitter will also post to Facebook for me. Success.

I also find it the easiest way to be alerted when any of the blogs I follow adds a new post. They have to use twitter for this, of course, and some don't. Their loss.

And then there are those that use Twitter to advertise their products. Especially photographers that sell training. An example is Kirkus MacGowan, @KirkusMacGowan. He's not a photographer but his method is the same. He's a stay-at-home dad & Amazon bestselling author following his (pipe) dreams. Kirkis is following 23,656 twits and has 25,372 Twits following him.

I ask you how can anyone follow 23,656 Twits? Answer: They can't. He's selling a product - his books. In his case the book isThe Fall of Billy Hitchings.

I've had several similar to Kirkus follow me and then a few days later they drop me from their Following list. Why? Because I didn't follow them. Actually I did until I caught on to what they were doing. That's when I said bye, bye to them.

So lets wait and see. Will he keep me or dump me? I'll let you know.

Now I need to publish this post and issue a twit.

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  1. You should add a link to the bottom of this post for updates so I can find out whether I continued to follow or not! :)

    As they say, different strokes for different folks. Sorry we couldn't stay twitter pals.

    You did get me thinking about Krill Oil from that picture again though. I hear it's much better than the regular stuff.

    Take it easy, and good luck with the photography.

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  3. Thanks Kirkus. Nothing like the power of the web and BLOGS.

    You realize I was only using you as an example. I REALLY don't know how anyone else uses twitter.

    Since this posting I've had maybe a dozen additional new followers and equal number drop from following me, including Mr MacGowan.