Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sawdust Morning

John Krill: Sawdust FestivalIt's a weekday morning and the crowds haven't arrived. Don't worry they will.

The Festival of Arts, which was yesterday's posting, generally doesn't get busy until after 5PM on the weekdays. The Sawdust Arts and Crafts Festival will start getting busy as early as Noon on weekdays and even earlier on the weekends.

The Sawdust is not an easy shoot. There is color everywhere. Nothing is aligned with anything else. And the light, it's either in your face or missing altogether. The Sawdust is a much better place to shoot when it's busy. People. Kids. Crowds. That makes for opportunities around every corner. And there are plenty of corners.

I've never photographed the Sawdust at night. Don't know why but maybe I should. Like real soon. O.K. tomorrow will do. Can't rush these thing.

Didn't edit this photo much. Just a twitch on the exposure.

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