Friday, January 4, 2013

The New View: Decisions

John Krill: New ViewThe view at Main Beach, in Laguna Beach, changed this past Fall with the addition of temporary structures for restrooms and the Lifeguard headquarters.

So begins my search for views that have changed at Main Beach because of the construction work on the new Lifeguard headquarters and restrooms. Some are obvious and others not so.

The two here were taken Wednesday and when I saw the scene I originally composed for the upper photo but as I turned to walk on I noticed the second scene with the lamp post. The post and the large sign seemed to mimic the basketball stand. And an added bonus was the hole next to the lamp post. What was that about? We'll never know.

Which photo should be included in the New View series? The upper photo is more truthful, I think, to the theme but the lower photo seems to add an extra dimension and the humor of the hole either adds, or distracts, to the scene.

The building on the right is the office for the construction company and the one behind the basketball courts is the temporary restrooms.

Note: To see other New Views of Main Beach just click on the Label: New View

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