Thursday, December 22, 2011

MOEN I Love You!

We had our kitchen sink faucet break. The lever that controls the amount of water and the temperature broke. It's just a small piece of metal that keeps the lever in place.

You could still turn on the water but if you weren't careful the lever would fall off.

I took some photos of the faucet and went online to MOEN and there in plain site on the front page was Customer Support. After a couple of clicks I had a page where I could leave a message about the faucet and up to three photos. Even though it wanted the part number of the faucet they said you could put in a dummy number if you couldn't find the number or it it wasn't where they said it should be.

In the comment section I explained the problem with the faucet and also told them the part number wasn't where they said it should be. I also explained I couldn't remember when we bought the faucet.

That was at 7:30AM PST. By 9:41AM they had e-mailed me that they were sending replacement parts but because of the holidays they couldn't get them to us by the first Tuesday of January 2012.

I'm still in disbelief by MOEN's prompt response.

All I can say is: I LOVE YOU MOEN

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