Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Favorite Kind Of Sign

John Krill: Blank SignIt says anything you want it to say. For me it says: "Climb over my chain and enjoy the view from this termite infested, rotting timber, rusting steel, crumbling concrete of a building. It's going to be torn down real soon so don't delay."

Added a couple of hours later: I forget to mention that it sometimes smells like shit inside because of the sewer pump station that's literally below the lifeguard offices. Now that the new pump station is active [It was built next to the existing lifeguard building.] one has to wonder how much shit is left down in the tanks of the old pump system. This is going to be an interesting month at Main Beach, Laguna Beach, CA.

And I will be spending most of the month in Indio, CA.

Speaking of 'Shit,' how's this for a drop your dump story.

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