Thursday, November 10, 2011

Does Thousands Of Posts Mean Anything?

This is my third blog. The other two also started at Blogger but one of them,, is now a Wordpress blog. The other, LagunaBeat, is still at Blogger. I mention all this because with all the raw-raw up at the Blogger convention, or whatever they're calling it, LagunaBeat has never been highlighted by Blogger. It only has 2869 posts with over 3000 photos and has had a posting everyday since August 15, 2007. Not bad.

Me complain? Not really. I will say that Blogger's attempts at updating it's templates is way late and not much to talk about.

Everyday I get closer to moving LagunaBeat to Wordpress. The only reason I haven't is I'm just too lazy.

Sounds like a good reason to me. Wouldn't you agree Blogger staff?

PS: I still don't understand shy I can't do a 'Preview' before I Publish.

Now I am complaining. If you are in HTML mode then the keyboard command, 'Ctrl I' doesn't itialize but gives you some Bookmarks sidebar. WHY in gods name do you do this Blogger?

PSS: This new Blogger editor interface is just not happening. Very poor. The old editor interface works much better.

PSSS: No spell check for the title. The old editor does this.

PSSS: And don't even get me started on the new Blogger home page.  Reminds me of a Mercedes-Benz dashboard. Nothing on that dashboard makes sense.

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