Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lets Try This With A Photo

So here we are posting a photo when I said I wouldn't being do this in the last post. There is a reason for this. Let me explain.

Still can't do a preview. Wonder why? One method is to publish the post then view it. Then you back to edit and you can Revert to Draft.

Now back to why a photo here and not at Photoessayist.

This is a whole new template for me and I think for Blogger. I need to experiment with it and I wanted to discover what is the biggest photo size I could post.

Currently I'm creating an image that is 725 pixels wide. Looks O.K. Though I only viewed the post with one style, magazine, available to the visitor.

I don't expect the look will be very consistent with different browsers and even with the various styles the viewer can use.

This has been instructive. I now think I will post photos here after all. Probably the artsy fartsy stuff.

Anyone out there? Hello? Well if you are taking a gander at this blog could you tell me what you think?

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