Friday, November 4, 2011

A New Blog To Experiment With

I'm a Photographer. I love what I do. And no I don't earn any money from it. Yet. Money isn't my primary motive. Photography is. If you want to experience my history as a photographer then go to Everything is there. How I started. My experience in the Marines and Vietnam. And life after the Marines.

I did a lot of freelance work in the 70s but never enough to pay the bills. Not even close. So from the middle 70s on I made a living doing other work. Primarily in computer hardware.

I'm not going into my personal life with this blog. What I hope to do is talk about photography in general. We'll see.

This isn't my first blog. I have two others. The first is This blog is for my photography outside of Laguna Beach.

My second blog deals with Laguna Beach. It's called This blog gets most of my attention. I have over 2800 posts and many thousands of photos there. All of Laguna Beach. Because I come from the news side a lot of the photos here are no different that what you would see in your local paper. Other photos are pure candy of the beaches and coastline of Laguna Beach. And the remainder are of  Laguna Beach that isn't remotely of the beach. Old homes, cottages, interesting cityscapes and Laguna Canyon. I'll do nature, landscape, and architecture, and people. In general a visual document of Laguna Beach at this moment.

I have also posted photos at But that site isn't nearly ready for prime time. I will write about this very soon. The short version is don't use it. If you need a place to display your photography don't do it at Take a look at It's more expensive than but appears to have many features that are lacking at Take a look for yourself.

So what is this blog for? Writing. I've never been a good writer and I hope to develop some decent writing skills with this blog.

I may post photos here from time to time but I really want to leave that to Photoessayist and LagunaBeat.

What really motivated me to start this blog was Blogger's constant hype about how it's been improved and updated. If you go to you will discover that it's not on Blogger but at WordPress. I got tired of waiting for Blogger to get their act together and in 2009 I moved over to WordPress.

So we will see. If I determine after a few months of using this new version of Blogger that it is not any better than the old one then we're out-of-here. I will probably take with me even though with all the posts I currently have there it would be a major effort.

That's it for now.

Next I have to get the header and sidebar organized. That will take a while but I hope to write about those experiences as well.

PS: Already I've seen weirdness here. I can't do a preview for whatever reason. I rely on preview to help me spot really bad spelling, grammer, syntax, etc. I don't get it.

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